Photo Booths Are Fun!

For weddings, we offer an all inclusive package designed to give you everything you will need for your Wedding Photo Booth.

Rent our Photo Booth and your guests will walk away with a photo strip memento of your wedding day that prints out in seconds, they will have tons of props to choose from, they can watch a continuous video slideshow of all the pictures taken through out the night, they can see themselves on the screen before the picture is taken, and see picture preview before it’s printed, they can leave you a video message, AND they will also sign your copy of the picture in a memory album. Great value, entertainment and fun!


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In advance of the event we will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind photo layout designed to make your photos look amazing! We want your photo booth experience to be unique and personalized…unlike anyone else’s. What a better way than to have custom personalized photo layouts created and designed around your event theme, colours and invitations. We also have dozens of samples and templates that you can choose from. Check out our Creative Design Templates for many samples of beautiful templates that you can instantly customize.

Our custom designed screens will match your photo strip designs perfectly. Every detail will match your theme colours and event design.

We arrive early to set up and are ready go before your guests arrival. When we set up early, you won’t have to deal with staff interrupting your wedding dinner or cocktail hour to carry in and set up equipment.

Our ‘All Inclusive’ package includes three hours of operation during the dance. We do not charge for idle time!

Your family and friends can visit the photo booth as many times as they want! Family will grab family, friends will grab friends and everyone will have so much fun posing for the photos. The high quality HD photos are printed and ready in seconds. Your guests will have a choice of colour photos or black and white photos.

When your family and friends have finished taking their amazing pictures, they will have the option to leave you a 30 second HD video message! With MY WEDDING PHOTO BOOTH video messaging option your friends and family can leave you a short ‘Speakers Corner’ video message. A wedding is one of the few times in our lives where all our closest family and friends are gathered together. With video messaging your guests are guaranteed a way to permanently leave you well wishes and love. When the wedding is over you will watch these videos over and over again. You will be amazed by what your guests have to say!

During your event an external moniter will play a slideshow for your waiting guests who can view every photo taken inside the booth. As pictures are taken they are entered into the rotation of the slideshow. We position the slideshow so everyone in the room can view the pictures. With our amazing booth at your event your family and friends are entertained on many levels. Be prepared for crowds to form and non stop laughter as crazy photos taken inside the booth are displayed one by one. Your guests will love hanging out by the booth even if they are not having photos done!

Our props are nothing short of amazing! We use colorful props to compliment the photos and use high quality items that are elegant and fun! We will make custom props that are perfect for your wedding or event theme.

We provide a beautiful photo album where we attach each photo strip and allow your guests to leave a short message of congratulations to you. The photo album will be put together so you get the finished product at the end of the night

Our Photo Booth has an easy to use touchscreen , Canon DSLR camera and a professional lab-quality printer that prints in seconds. All our high-end equipment is enclosed within a white case that is very tasteful and stylish. Our Amazing Photo Booth is so elegant and modern you will not want to hide it away in a corner! This is a photo booth you will WANT in the reception area where everyone can enjoy the Photo Booth experience!

We have a selection of awesome backdrops for you to choose from. Our selection of sequins, petals and rosettes fabric in many different colours will make your photos unique and amazing.

For that red carpet effect we can also manage the crowd with continuous

flow and at the same time give your event an elegant and high class look!!

We provide two uplights for the Photo Booth area. The lighting can be any colour to match or compliment your wedding decor. Uplights make the photo booth area look amazing and inviting! The glow and illumination of the lighting will draw people in and highlights the area creating a party zone!

Our Photo Booth attendant will set up and tear down the equipment. They will assist your guests explaining how the booth works, they will operate the touchscreen, hand out the microphones, attach the photos to the guest book and generally make sure everything runs smooth.

At the end of the night, we will give you a flash drive with all your photos and video on it. Along with the signed guest book, you will have hundreds of amazing photos and video to look at when you get home from your honeymoon. Most of our clients say it was the first thing they did after the reception! My Wedding & Event Photo Booth is sure to be a cherished and memorable part of your party!

We will upload your photos to an online gallery where your guests can download full sized digital copies of their pictures. Your photo gallery can be public or we can make it password protected so only your guests can view and download the photos.